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dis & dat

Rye Terrell
September 21, 2016

If you haven’t used dat.gui, you should - it’s awesome! You can quickly and easily create controls for your demos etc. that look like this:

I love dat.gui, and I have used it in a ton of projects. Sometimes, though, I want to style it or add a new control in a jiffy. For that, I’ve created dis-gui. It’s a React-based, styleable, extensible, more-or-less-clone of dat.gui with all the same controls along with an RGB gradient control. I’ll be adding a tutorial for how to create your own controls in the future, but for now you can take a look at the text control to get an idea of how it works.

Here’s a kitchen sink example:

  <dg.Text label='Text' value='Hello world!'/>
  <dg.Number label='Number' value={65536}/>
  <dg.Number label='Range' value={512} min={-1024} max={1024} step={64}/>
  <dg.Checkbox label='Checkbox' checked={true}/>
  <dg.Select label='Select' options={['Option one', 'Option two', 'Option three']}/>
  <dg.Button label='Button'/>
  <dg.Folder label='Folder' expanded={true}>
    <dg.Text label='Text' value='Hello folder!'/>
    <dg.Number label='Number' value={2}/>
    <dg.Folder label='Subfolder' expanded={true}>
      <dg.Text label='Text' value='Hello subfolder!'/>
      <dg.Number label='Number' value={2}/>
  <dg.Color label='Color' expanded={true} red={0} green={128} blue={255}/>
  <dg.Gradient label='Gradient' expanded={true}/>

And an example demonstrating an alternative theme:

<dg.GUI style={{
  backgroundColor: '#EEE',
  lowlight: '#DDD',
  highlight: '#444',
  separator: '1px solid #DDD',
  label: {
    fontColor: '#444',
    fontWeight: 'normal'

Try dis-gui out live in the demo below: